We use butters in many of our soaps.

Cocoa butter is a fatty wax with a buttery texture, it is found in the seeds of the cocoa bean. Cocoa butter is very well known as an excellent skin conditioner and softener with antioxidant properties. We find it a brilliant, luxourius additive to our soap, it also makes the bar harder which inturn helps it last longer, Bonus!

Shea Butter is a smooth, creamy butter that is super moisturizing.  It is very gentle on the skin and has anti inflammatory properties which is beneficial to many types skin conditions. It is a gorgeous addition to soap and features in our Shea and Macadamia Soap scented with our very own grown and distilled lavender oil.

Other butters such as mango and olive (there are many more) will feature in our soaps from time to time, check out the soap individual ingredient list for more details.