Dead Sea Mud

For quite a while l have been hankering to make a muddy soap...something with charcoal or black colouring, or mud, or Rhassoul Clay...or just *something* muddy in it. l used to adore clay facial masks, and am really getting into the whole skincare thing and wanting to experiment a bit. And on my travels l discovered a supplier who sells Dead Sea Mud.

*total falling off the chair excitement*... l couldn't get it in my shopping cart fast enough!

 After it arrived, l did some research. Mostly because my partner John spent the next 20 minutes doubled over with laughter when l told him l'd bought a kilogram of mud. He offered to dig me up some dirt from the veggie patch to put in my soap. Not funny! So here's what l found out.
Dead Sea mud, also known as black mud, is a high quality, mineral-rich mud used for centuries for its cosmetic and health benefits, sourced from the Dead Sea in Israel. Because the Dead Sea is not connected to any other body of water, it evaporates every year, leaving an extremely high concentration of salts and minerals from seawater to soak into the mud on the sea bed. It is these minerals and salts that give Dead Sea Mud special properties.
Thousands of people every year visit the Dead Sea and there are many photos to be found online of visitors in beachwear slathering themselves in black goop. l can only imagine the smell!

Dead Sea Mud is claimed to:
  • pull out toxins and pollutants from the skin, unclogging pores and purifying revealing younger, healthier skin
  • remove dirt and cleanse your skin, while infusing it with minerals
  • be extremely effective at relieving acne
  • improve blood circulation and natural skin re-generation by gently peeling away dead skin cells