About Us

Hi there, a little bit about me and us, we have 4 gorgeous children, they are all at various intriguing stages of their lives.. 15, 11 ,8 and 3.. they are our world. My husband and I have been together for over 17 years now, we are what you call 2 peas in a pod, I could not imagine taking a single breath without him.

We are farmers, we have a beautiful farm, which we purchased in 2009, I was heavily pregnant at the time with Henry our youngest, so there were alot of big changes that year. On our farm "Kangaroo Flat" we grow Lavender- 4000 plants in the ground at present!, we raise cattle and also sheep. I am a soap maker, soaping is my addiction.. my husband often says to me with one eyebrow raised, hmm so ..um, honey, what are you thinking about? he is somewhat disappointed in my reply when I say soap, simply. I love it, it helps me express myself, allows me to be creative and it encourages me to escape and be me. I am a crafter, I sew and sew, most everything with Lavender! huh for the love of Lavender and soap!

I created Kells and Kanga Love Lavender, my small business, which has been very successful,- Lavender everything plus soap, which is why I jumped at the chance to be Simply Soap. I intend to merge both businesses into an even more successful one. We fully believe in supporting local Australian businesses. I am constantly inspired, amazed and in awe of the very many talented women right here in Australia and so I love to support them in any way that we can. I am also a student so close to becoming a fully qualified Aromatherapist- an amazing field of study! I plan to build my business and continue my natural therapies studies.

The dream is to eventually open a natural therapies clinic on our farm, (with a soap room) a place for people to come, relax, revive, enjoy the view and sip tea.