Monkey Farts Handmade Soap


Monkey Farts?

What on earth does a Monkey's Fart smell like, and is it really something you'd want to use in the shower? LOL!

You'll have to try it to find out, but be assured it's lovely. We've blended skin loving olive and coconut oils, smooth dark chocolate, a hint of sweet banana and a gorgeous tropical coconutty fragrance to make this soap something really special. And it's the perfect bribe for kids at bathtime, because who wouldn't want to have a bath with a Monkey's Fart?

Hahaha - try it, you'll love it :-)

Ingredients: saponified olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, water, soap fragrance oil, soap colour.


Each bar weighs approximately 125g



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  • Information: Vegan friendly soap!

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