Mintie Shampoo Bar


Natural shampoo bar made with olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and castor oil, plus Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils. 

I'm very excited by my shampoo bars. l know they are not the prettiest soaps to look at, but there's a reason for this - l thought long and hard about what l wanted my shampoo bars to do. When you are washing your hair, you don't want to be picking bits of oatmeal or lavender buds out of your scalp & you don't need soap curls and cubes and fancy decorations. I wanted my shampoo bars to be simple, with as few additives as possible. Hence there is very little colouring (none in the Mintie Shampoo Bar) and l have used essential oils for fragrance, except for Green Apple of course which is a nod to my favourite shampoo fragrance.

How do they perform?

lnitially l didn't really get the whole 'wash your hair with a bar of soap' thing. The few times that l've given my shoulder length hair a swipe with any of my normal soaps, the results weren't encouraging. Lots of tangles, very few bubbles, and a dry squeaky feeling that l didn't like. But so many people speak highly of shampoo bars, so l read a couple of soapmaking blogs and realised that the recipe for shampoo bars is quite different to a standard bar of soap. So l tweaked and tested and adjusted and then made a couple of very small batches.

The next day it was time for the shower test. l was incredibly sceptical at first, but after using the bar, was amazed at the difference from 'normal' soap. On my longer hair, it took a while to spread the bar around enough to generate all over bubbles, but once you get going and add in a few splashes of water, it very quickly turns into the most amazing thick and rich lather that is very good at washing your hair. I wouldn't be lying if l said it was comparable if not better to the amount of lather that my shampoo used to give me. And once l was out of the shower and my hair had dried, it felt no different, and no less clean than it would have if l'd used commercial shampoo.

It must be noted though that l do still use my normal conditioner after washing my hair. There are many people who swear by a vinegar or apple cider rinse instead of conditioner - l haven't had time to actually find a 'recipe' and try this, but it is definitely on the agenda. So for now l just slather on my conditioner as normal, and l don't feel too bad because it only goes on the ends anyway.

So why bother with shampoo bars?

  • For me, the biggest reason was that they contain no Sodium Laureth Sulphate, or any of those other strange chemical ingredients. No detergents, no drying cleansers, no carcinogens, fillers or false marketing promises. l can't tell you how many times l've stood in the shower reading the back of the shampoo bottle wondering what the heck all those ingredients are and what they do. If you want to read more, check my Shower Gel Review on the blog - many of the ingredients are the same as those in commercial shampoo and it is a little disconcerting.
  • There's no wasteful plastic packaging, just one recyclable paper label.
  • They last longer! I'm still using my test bar and have clocked up 30 washes so far - but l do keep it out of reach of the family, and it hasn't been used as general soap, only for washing my hair every second day. It always dries out between uses. I'd estimate that l have another 10 washes from it before it gets too thin to handle properly.
  • I've noticed that my scalp is less dry and itchy - a definite benefit.
  • I've also noticed that my hair dye lasts longer (no kidding!) - there is obviously still regrowth (!) but the dyed portions of my dark brown hair are not fading as quickly as they used to.
The only negatives l've found are that my (longer) hair is a little harder to brush out while wet, but l have adjusted easily to a few more tangles. And you don't want to get the soap lather in your eyes, it stings like crazy! (l guess that's because of the lack of weird chemical ingredients though). If you decide to try one of my shampoo bars, l'd love to know what you think and will add your feedback to this page.

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  • Information: Vegan friendly soap!

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