Patchouli & Musk swirls

Last night l soaped. l made one of my longtime favourite soaps – Patchouli & Musk, but decided to try a new look for it. I attempted a 3 colour funnel swirl. As always, l was underwhelmed by the top of the soap, but then this morning l sliced it, and my only words were OH WOW!

(and then repeated them over and over as each bar was sliced from the log)

wouldn’t this look cool in black and white, a zebra soap!

(l wonder what fragrance zebras like? LOL)

My ultimate soaping ambition is to achieve a swirl with a random picture of Elvis or some sort of religious symbol in it so that l can auction it on ebay and make a squillion dollars and then buy all of the fragrance oils my little heart desires ;-)

Oh, and what l wouldn’t give for silicon lined wooden moulds so that l’d never have to line a mould again ;-)

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Dead Sea Mud Funnel Swirl

Jun 04 2011 Published by under daily soap stuff,funnel swirls,new soaps

Yesterday l used my Dead Sea Mud for the first time!

l was so nervous :P

l desperately wanted to scent the soap with BB Salty Mariner, sort of going with the whole ‘salt/ocean’ theme, but l had just yesterday remembered to buy myself a plastic funnel while out shopping, and also wanted to try a funnel swirl with the same batch. But then l checked the fragrance notes and realised that it accelerated trace and therefore probably wouldn’t be the best fragrance for a first time funnel swirling attempt. (for those who are not soapmakers, a funnel swirl is one batch of soap split into two, half is coloured as a contrast, and then each colour is poured little bit by little bit into the mould by tipping alternating ‘stripes’ of colour through a funnel held over the top of your mould.)

So l made up a custom fragrance blend of lemongrass, orange and lavender essential oils, and did the pouring thing with some help from a chopped up juice bottle standing on my mould and supporting the funnel. l was home alone and there were no spare hands to assist!

Looking at the top of the soap after pouring l decided l’d well and truly mucked it up, because it all just looked like a grey muddy mess. l couldn’t see any stripes at all.

But when unmoulding it the next day, l saw the cool stripy pattern showing along the sides of the soap log and dared to get a little excited….

And then sliced it into bars, and was amazed to see the variety of swirls and shapes that progressed from one end of the log to the other.

Amazing stuff! l totally have a new addiction now LOL.

I’m going to have to make another batch of soap using the mud though because l can’t get the salty/ocean idea out of my head. l’ll probably go for something solid grey/black though.

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