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I have a friend who I have known for more than 15 years now.  We met at work. And although the moments we share (mostly gift giving at Christmas time…. I get so excited!) have become few and far between because of life and all of our busyness, I know that we will always share a bond.   She is the most dedicated inspirational woman that I have ever met.  To me she is the definition of Inspiration, she beams with love, pride, devotion, passion, creativity, generosity, honesty, art, light and gorgeousness.

She is beautifulnest, you can visit her here . I am positive you will discover the same.

This was posted on her blog not so long ago and it speaks volumes, I love it.

She is my friend, you know who you are :) X

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This is my first Simply Soap post, OMG!!!!. I can’t believe it.. can you?!
Such massive shoes to fill. I have myself been following Simply Soap for a couple of years now, well I think for along as Gabbie has been blogging! I must say that I am incredibly excited, psychotic even…. yep! but also incredibly grateful, Gabbie has been THE biggest inspiration in my soaping world.  Gabbie and Simply Soap have been apart of my “me time” now for so long.  When I read the “moving outside my comfort zone” post, (I immediately bought soap from the shop…50% off are you kidding!?!.) my cogs started turning and they haven’t stopped.  That night, (and every night since), I thought only of  Simply Soap, I new immediately that this was what I wanted – I knew what I had to do.
And I did exactly that, I am following my dream, I LOVe making soap- I really do. 

My other Love (besides my adorable husband Michael and our 4 children) is our Lavender Farm…. Kangaroo Flat Lavender Farm, our own little piece of heaven (to which you will be hearing alot about I am sure!!!)  In store you will still be able to purchase your favourite soaps and many more, plus you will also be able to purchase our gorgeous hand made Lavender products “Kells and Kanga Love Lavender” I hope you keep stopping by, I also hope that you continue to support Gabbie, her truly talented blog and website , I know that I will … she is such a great read! and OMG her photos are too die for!!!

For The Love Of Lavender and Soap! and Gabbies photos!

Simply Soap store reopening very soon :-)


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