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Mar 10 2012 Published by under name that soap,new soaps

(competition now closed)

This is the latest addition to the Simply Soap range – along the lines of May Chang and the old Citrus Twist, it is a really lovely citrussy/orange scented essential oil soap. Except it is really STRONG, it’s almost Super Citrus, and it deserves a special name, something a bit punchier than Citrus Twist. Maybe Citrus Twist Your Arm Off? ;-)

If you like a soap that will not just wake you up in the morning but actually smack you in the head, turn off your alarm for you and even make the bed, this is it (just kidding LOL!)

I quite like the name ‘Super Citrus’, but l’m not 100% sure. I’ll send a bar of Super Mega Orange Citrus Explosion soap to whoever thinks of the most fitting name for it. I’m open to humour. I’m open to any of the names being incorporated from this post. Just hit me with your favourites :-)

competition closes next Sunday 18th March 2012 at midnight AEST and is open to anyone!

edited to add: We have a winner!

There were some wonderful entries (thankyou so much to everyone who entered!)
l am sorely tempted to make 15 more different types of citrus soap just so l can use them all, but…this one really stuck with me :-) (thankyou so much Felice, l’ll email you!)

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