Beware the Soap Curls Machine!

May 01 2011 Published by under daily soap stuff,soap related injuries

I’m terribly hyperactive and always telling myself to calm down and r-e-l-a-x. l try very hard to consciously slow myself down in most activities – from eating, to going for a walk, to driving my kids to school. Sometimes it works and l manage to pretend l am one of those calm, no stress, laid back people…

and sometimes…(not as much as l used to)…l get excited about something and l’m like a three year old who has just eaten an entire 1kg bag of sugary lollies. Bouncing off the walls excited.

So when l was already a bit hyped the other day from finishing the list of my new soap range, and THEN got excited about new soap designs, and THEN started making soap curls without taking the time to calm down a little, it was only ever going to end badly.

Behold the Soap Curls Machine.

It’s not actually a machine, but a wooden box of sorts, with a sharp angled steel blade fixed about midway. You slide your soap firmly over the blade, and a thin sliver is peeled away from the bar, which collects underneath and is curled.

l picked about 4 bars of soap and started shaving/curling. The more layers l peeled/shaved/curled, the more efficient and excited and hyped l got. l was high on energy, high on creativity, and so enthused about the soap l was going to make. My pushing motions with the soap got more and more powerful, l was almost a soap curl making machine! Bring it on!

And then WHAM, it happened.

While gripping a soap in motion, my thumb slammed into the blade with all the force of my arm and body and out of control energy behind it. lt wasn’t a gentle scrape or a slight brush of skin, nope, it was a full on SLAM. No other way of describing it.

And that’s when everything abruptly stopped.

l stood there in disbelief and looked at the end of my thumb.

It was still in shock, but very clearly, very badly cut. A big semi circle of thumb, deeply sliced at an angle that was a bit horrifying. No blood yet, it was as if time was suspended for a few seconds while l stood there and gaped.

And then came the pain and the shock and the blood (running to the bathroom now!) and bandaging it up tightly, too scared to even look at it or rinse it in water, no way, get that thing covered up and taped down and maybe it will miraculously reconnect itself while l’m not looking LOL.

l watched the entire Royal Wedding with my hand on top of my head, willing the blood to redirect to other parts of my body.

Far out, l have soooo learned my lesson. Soap is supposed to relax me. But l also need to be relaxed before l start making it.

l still have an ‘end of my thumb’ thankfully. It’s healing, albeit slowly. And from now on, l will approach the Soap Curling Machine with reverence and an air of calm.

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