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Honey Oatmeal – a remake

Aug 24 2011 Published by under daily soap stuff,new soaps

Erin, you were right, the soapmaking mojo is coming back! Well, slowly…but that’s okay. Slow is good at the moment.

This afternoon l’m trying some small batches for a tweaked recipe of Honey & Oatmeal soap. It has the same oil blend as the current bars, but l have left out the titanium dioxide (soap whitener) and also added some organic honey to the mix. It seemed strange having a soap named Honey & Oatmeal that didn’t actually have any honey in it – the name came from the name of the fragrance used, not the ingredients. So now it has both Honey AND oatmeal. l can’t wait to unmould it.


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back on the soapmaking bicycle…

Aug 22 2011 Published by under daily soap stuff,new soaps

I’m back into soapmaking…only just. My enthusiasm is hanging in there by the skin of it’s teeth.

It’s not that l don’t have a million soapy ideas buzzing round in my head – l do. It’s more that l just can’t be bothered getting it all out and then washing up afterwards.

I’ve realised that my recent 4 week holiday was the longest holiday l’ve ever had in my life, and l don’t think l’ve ever relaxed so much. The first two weeks were spent in awe at the fact that l didn’t have to work. l caught up on hours and hours of sleep, and then spent the next 2 weeks after that really hitting the relaxation groove and slowing right down. It was amazing. It makes me want to do things like take up yoga. And exercise. And look after myself. So heading back into my usual day to day existence of racing round like a lunatic is just not that appealing at the moment.

But l simply had to make something to force myself to break the soapmakers block. So l got out some macadamia oil, shea butter, olive, castor and coconut oil, and made a new soap recipe. Just a once off, because l worry about nut allergies. It’s very, very plain looking – no added colour whatsoever – but l am okay with that. For me this soap is more about the luxurious oils, and just getting in there and Making Some Soap. I’ve decided to name it Macadamia Shea. Scented with vanilla, cinnamon, clove and a splash or sweet orange, it is a smooth, seductive and velvety scent. I can’t wait to try the test bar.

After that l took some new photos and made up a new Soap Trio – Lily & Lavender. l have run out of the Rustic Lavender and probably won’t make it again, so there was room for Lily of The Valley soap to be added. I love the purples and greens!

Then there is a rebatch of Masculine Musk…the photo is very blue but it’s pretty and l’m leaving it that way :-) I adore this fragrance but far out it accelerates the soap, this started out as an elegant blue and white swirl which failed miserably and was so awful looking that it got grated up. The rebatch is so much better, which is not normally the case!

And finally…an updated pic of Rolly who is growing in leaps and bounds. Here he is at 10 weeks old. He is very well behaved, and l have taught him to sit and drop, as well as to take treats gently. He likes to sit here under the BBQ, obviously it smells lovely, although he can’t quite work out where the smells are coming from! I’m sure he thinks that if he sits there long enough, a particularly tasty roasted cow will materialise before his eyes ;-)

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Snow Candy!

Aug 08 2011 Published by under daily soap stuff,soap competitions

Thanks to Susannah for the soap name – l love it! Email me your addy and l’ll get a bar in the mail to you! Snow Candy handmade soap is going on the website right now,  if you’re in Australia and would like a bar, you can purchase here.


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