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Sleigh Ride

Oct 13 2011 Published by under new soaps

I’ve so far been very pleasantly surprised by the fragrances l’ve chosen for Christmas Soaps. My initial ‘sniff tests’ were not so positive, l was actually a little worried about the smells coming from the collection of big (and expensive!) bottles l had painstakingly selected online. Of course, as mentioned only a few weeks ago, l didn’t bother purchasing small bottles did l, no, that would be too organised.

But thankfully, the soaps are coming out beautifully, far better than l could have dreamed of. And Sleigh Ride is simply out of this world, l have had a couple of bars on my desk all day as l’ve worked, and the most deeelicious smell continues to waft in front of my nose. Sort of like a cross between after dinner mints and candy canes, but not too slickly sweet or cloying. It is perfect. Pepperminty but not sharp…christmassy but not smelling like pine needles…it is gorgeous. I’ve already snaffled my own bar and hidden it in the ensuite. I can’t wait till November when it goes on sale. Although part of me is a little scared as well, what if no-one wants to buy any christmas soap? I’m going to be left with rather a lot of the stuff LOL!

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All’s quiet on the soaping front…

Oct 11 2011 Published by under new soaps

I haven’t been making much soap, my soaping mojo appears to have taken a quick pre christmas break LOL. Probably not the best time of the year for it to happen, but l’m not too fussed. I have been spending my days working on websites, quilting, cycling and just general day to day stuff. I did make this soap a while ago and finally got round to brushing it with gold mica. It’s one of my Christmas Soaps – named Christmas Eve. The description reads:

This soap is inspired by Christmas Eve – scented with the exotic oils of Frankincense & Myrhh, l am reminded of my childhood story book of the Three Wise Men on their way to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Imagine a dark starry night, the gifts of precious oils in golden vessels, and the earthiness of the nativity scene with farm animals and straw in a manger.

Infused with red and pink cosmetic clays, organic raw honey and brushed with precious gold mica, this unisex soap is a beautiful tribute to the reason for the Christmas season.

It’s funny, l didn’t think much of the fragrance when l sniffed it from the bottle, but oh my, it smells amazing once soaped. I will definitely be keeping a bar of this for me :-)

I’m so not ready to admit it will be christmas soon :-S

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