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Lots and lots of soap photos!

Apr 17 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff

Over the last week or so l’ve been taking soap photos for Washpool Farm, and have had so much fun.  Melissa sent me a huge box full of soap, and seriously, l think l wasted a full day just unwrapping it all, admiring the scents, colours and the attention to detail in every bar. Our kitchen table looked like this for about a week and we had to eat dinner on the couch.

This beautiful purple bar is Positivity, and it was an early favourite. I’m a sucker for soap with ‘bits’ on top ;-) and the smell is divine.

Oh, but then this gorgeous green one fell out of it’s tissue paper and arghhhh, l was torn. This is Vitality. It came to live in my bathroom too :-)

And ‘Love’ *swoon* – so simple, but so beautiful.
l was really interested to note that the soaps are much harder than mine…l need to work on my recipe some more l think. I’d love my soaps to be as hard as these.

This one is sooo pretty – it’s called Drift Away.

And Starman – pure eye candy with it’s bold swirls and aniseed scent. I normally don’t go anywhere near aniseed, but l couldn’t stop picking up this bar, and took about 47 photos of it LOL.

I think l recognise the scent in this one *grins* and it’s one of my favourites. Meet ‘Air Kiss’ :-)

Finally…Lavender and Oatmeal with two kinds of bits on top – just perfect.

Then this afternoon after a nice long sweaty run l finally cracked and opened one of my Tierra Verde soaps that l mentioned here.
It’s beautiful, just as l knew it would be.

And it struck me that damn l LOVE making soap. I love trying other people’s soap…love taking photos of it…love checking out packaging and websites and ingredients and different techniques. It’s just the best hobby/business/pastime ever. After all these soap photos l am so inspired. I want to throw out all my plans for a strict soap range…grab a heap of essential oils AND fragrance oils…and just have a big PLAY :-) And l’m going to do just that LOL.

Does the addiction ever wane?

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Apr 12 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff,soap photos

I’ve been trying desperately to get back on track after recent life events, where soapmaking and website making got left by the wayside. I’ve had to make (for me) quite a lot of soap to catch up and return stock levels to sort of normal. Well…what am l saying, they’ve never really been normal at all, but it was an aim a while ago to get some sort of production system going, and l couldn’t start using said system until l got the stock levels to a reasonable level in the first place!

The amounts of soap l’m talking about aren’t huge by any means, most bigger name soapmakers would probably make twice as much in a day if not more. But for me, who has been juggling court cases, kids, school holidays,  and study at the same time, it has been a bit of an effort to get *anything* at all done. The last few weeks l’ve felt like the stuffing has been well and truly knocked out of me, and it’s very hard to claw back my enthusiasm.

I’m going to try though.

For the first time ever, l have surplus stock of all of my soap range. (fingers crossed l don’t find any other flavours l’ve forgotten about LOL.) All my labels are up to date with new descriptions. The website is also up to date. I tidied the soap shelves, and I have enough of all the supplies l’m going to need in the forseeable future. I even sneaked in a couple of batches of Mother’s Day soap for a wholesale client. Far out l almost feel organised LOL.

For the soapmakers out there…do you have a structured production schedule? How much do you aim to make and when? Is it something you stick to religiously or are you a ‘make it when you feel like it or can squeeze it in’ kind of person like me? I’d really like to improve in this area, it’s something l need to work on. Having said that though, l also struggle a lot with how much l expect from myself and my little biz and l don’t want to get overwhelmed.

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A parcel for me!

Apr 02 2012 Published by under new soaps,soap photos

I received a parcel today in the mail. Much excitement! These soaps came from Michelle at Tierre Verde soaps in Texas.

I am totally in love with the packaging. The soaps smell absolutely beautiful, but l don’t think l’m ever going to be able to unwrap them, because l can’t bear the thought of ripping off all that gorgeous brown paper and carefully applied labelling!

Maybe in a day or two. I’m going to find that Lemongrass and Calendula one very hard to resist ;-)


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