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Yippee we are open! Store Sale 25% off everything this weekend only :)

Jun 30 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff

Hi everyone, simply soap has reopened and as a celebration we are having a sale….25% off the entire store, for the weekend, you will find simply soap soaps, aroma soap-limited and lavender eye masks. we would love for you to pop over and have a look.

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So worth the wait!

Jun 27 2012 Published by under Kangaroo Flat Lavender Farm

Just yesterday I sat and glumly spoke to my husband on the phone, declaring that the sheep were never, ever, going to have lambs, so fed up with waiting I quite verbally expressed that the shes must all infact be hee’s! lol 

And look what happened today on the warmest day (11 degrees) we have had for a little while.  We watched as a family, our children were agape with wonder- what a wonderful experience.  The lambs are the MOST cutest adorable creatures we have ever seen.  And there bleats omg!

Welcome to the world precious one….

We all watched the first little lovely fluffy lamb being born, too amazing for words! So wise already.

The Aunties as curious as can be heard the baby bleats and came over to say “hello little one baaa”.

oh so proud of herself! the satisfaction of her first feed- milk… soap….?  Are there really any words for this picture?

and then there were two, the second even fluffier than the first.

What a perfect day, oh so cute and more on the way.

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Aroma Soaps Limited Edition

Jun 24 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff

Aroma Soaps are beautifully crafted handmade soaps, made by Kells and Kanga Love Lavender, right here on the farm, using the old fashioned cold process soapmaking method. Each bar is cured for 4 weeks.
All of these soaps contain our very own distilled Lavender oil, aswell as a variety of other aromatic uncut sensations and skin loving ingredients including organic botanials, lushous butters, and skin safe cosmetic colours.
Because our soaps are uniquely made and cut, slight variations in weight, colour and scent are to be expected.
Aroma Soaps are limited as we merge with Simply Soap, they smell absolutely divine and we would love for you to try them out.
I will be adding them as I go, and photo’s blah!  (If only I could somehow teleport Gabbie over here for the day?!)  I am learning how to work the website….. so if you see things added or moved about, its just me trying to work it all out, LOL.
I will post on facebook as soon as the cart section is up and running. :)


I can not believe that I took this photo, this is our Lemon Myrtle and Lavender and for some reason its not letting me put it on the website, which is driving me nuts.

ps. no little lambs yet… :(


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Little Lambs

Jun 22 2012 Published by under Kangaroo Flat Lavender Farm

On Monday, Michael and I extended our Dorper mob…. to 21! The dorpers (self shedding sheep, no need to shear) are our way of organic weeding  for the Lavenders, a practice that is done in France.  I loved the idea when I heard it at the TALGA (The Australian Lavender Growers Association) international conference in 2011 held in Launceston Tasmania- Australia!!!!  Sheep eating the weeds sure beats pulling them out by hand! Which we were doing!!!! Crazy, time consuming days! We bought our first mob of 10 which consisted of 9 ewe’s and a ram, (in the dark, from a stranger…..long story) a year ago, we were told over the phone that they were heavily in Lamb and would “drop” at any time.  I was so excited, the kids were so excited, and so the waiting game began…. waiting for lovely fluffy little lambs, waiting, waiting, waiting….. They still haven’t dropped!!!!   Hmmmm I think the deal was shonky! Do you think!?! And so we decided a few months back that our ram….”RAMBO”… mustn’t be working properly, which lead us to buying RAMBO 2, I’m fairy 100% sure he works :)   His little lambs should drop in about 6 weeks.

Meanwhile the new mob which we bought in daylight on Monday are indeed very heavily in Lamb, I am excited! I am sure that one will drop today…the weather outside is dreadful, a whopping 4.9 at lunch time with snow showers! Surely we Will Lamb Today!  Because I am soo certain this morning I practised my farming skills by separating the two mobs, moved the mob soon to lamb away from RAMBO2  and did some fencing ALL BY MYSELF! McLeod’s Daughters eat your heart out!!!!!…..

Frosty Morning


Some of our new lovely Dorpers bought on Monday :)

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Jun 04 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff

Simply Soap on pinterest

Are you on Pinterest!?
I must admit, l haven’t used it very much, but it’s growing on me. I’ve been ‘pinning’ some soap photos, and gosh it is so easy to get lost in gorgeous pictures, quotes, photos and goodness knows what else. (this is one of the reasons why l try hard not to use it too much, l am so easily distracted!)

My favourite category is anything to do with cupcakes…the handmade soap of course…and l love the quotes too.

Come and say hello (is that what you do on Pinterest? LOL!) or you can pin photos from the blog and shopping cart if you’d like. I may not know exactly how Pinterest works, but l did figure out how to install the buttons on the website LOL.

Simply Soap on Pinterest

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