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Snow Candy with a different Aroma

Jul 30 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff

Same look, I love this look, I think its cool as.  I just wasn’t so sure about the smell, something for me was amiss, I decided to give it a not so simple tweak and change it.  I think now the aroma reflects the name….well for me anyway, I hope you agree. We all love snow, we’d all love it to snow more frequently wouldn’t we? Um well that’s if It wasn’t so freezing cold!  I love to watch the snow fall, the biggest snow flakes I have ever witnessed was at a friends place a few years ago (I miss that friend we haven seen each other in an eternity) the flakes were seriously the size of Dorito chips. SO HUGE.   I remember looking out the window in absolute amazement, we were warm and snug inside with our babies whilst mother nature outside was turning it on, hard to comprehend, that is until it was time to go home of course! Thankfully we only lived around the corner, the drive home was fun, the windscreen wipers were even funnier especially when I first put them on! So much snow had fallen while we were inside that the wipers made it all just splat everywhere. Lolol! I also remember looking in the rear vision mirror and seeing the tyre tracks we were making, Fun!

Anyway I wanted to recreate that warm inviting fuzzy feeling to compliment the look of snow. The essential oils used are A blend of bergamot, lemon, petitgrain, lime, geranium, reconstituted frangipani and cinnamon bark.  Snow Candy eat your heart out!

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Darker Grey, Bad Grey, Grey Rebatch & alittle Meditate

Jul 27 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff

Grey has been bad,… bad, bad bad!!!  So much darker this time round!  Did I hear those eye’s rolling?!!? LMAO!!!

 I am not kidding Grey really did misbehave, I was being  impaitent and had the temperatures all wrong, well just alittle out of wack anyway, it’s not like I didn’t know what I was doing, … I new!… so really it was no surprise to unmold an oil seeping messy looking soap.  The only thing I could do was a  rebatch and seriously I could not be happier :) The colours are cool!… little bits of different shades of grey that flex throughout, darker in the base. (not basement, or any other room…. I can read your mind! above the belt laddies!!) Grey to me seems abit more Steel looking.  OMG I have to stop it I know. If you have read the books I am sure you will understand that there are now many words in our vocabulary that have oh so many new meanings LOL I could go on and on…. But I won’t until I read Freed! number 3.  

But because I am talking rebatching I have decided to show you my rebatched Meditate, I was having a sad soaping session, meditate actually turned out just fine, but not the colour that I wanted and so because there were no swirls to worry about I rebatched purely to lift the colour, and I must say it is alot nicer.  Smells good too!

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Soap Curl Fun with my Sweetpeas!

Jul 23 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff

I love soap curls! They are fun to make, they smell divine, and they add extra specialness too any soap bar.  Both of these bowls (plus another) of curls I have plans for. 

The colours are specifically chosen, they represent my girls, when they were  littler, before school days and school uniforms ruled the daily fashion statement!  Both my sweetpea girls went through obsessions with orange and pink, both at different stages and times, but never the less, there were many requests to only either be dressed fully in pink or eat off the orange plate!…. Fond memories! :)

Time to soap…some Sweetpea’s..

And glam them up.. There was also a time at my house with my girls when everything needed to be glammed up, even the visitors! I am not kidding, if you visited during this time you will recall leaving looking different but also waving goodbye to a little girl very pleased with her efforts! This is a soap for my girls, completely inspired by my fond memories of them being innocently little. X



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Outrageous Orange

Jul 20 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff

Outrageous Orange…. I was really disappointed with the colour when I unmolded this one, to me it’s not looking so outrageous, I think it really reflects the mood I was in and how I was feeling at the time of creation, just a wee while before I new I was coming down with something my whole body was aching and I was really exhausted. I can tell you though that she does smell outrageous. 

 I have tried to glammed her up abit in the photo, but she still looks a little dull to me. I was hoping for the same punch wow outrageous that her fragrance is.  I should mention that I do like the fact that there is no crackling, no ashing, she is perfect in every other way, maybe the cure time will help clarify the colours… hope so. Anyway I played around with the photo’s abit, I have really wanted to do the whole blurr the background thing.  I was told by a little birdie that my camera has an “a” (aperture) button and so no excuses it should work…. I googled the a button I imaged the a button I youtube’d the a button, and finally I found it, it was right in front of me all along, doh! Only one thing is it must be broken, seriously! Everytime I try it the photo’s all look the same.  So yep the button MUST be broken.  I was walking passed it about an hour and a half later and snapped this one. between cooking tea, doing homework and bathing children.

 I am happy with this photo, if you have read this post before today, I have edited it, I really didn’t like the other photo’s so I deleted them and took some more :)

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The QUEEN has Been! and abit about Pink

Jul 19 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff

Firstly I have to say I am in shock!, I am completely dumbfounded! Total shock, maybe even a little hysteria happening!…………… THE SOAP QUEEN HAS VISITED!!!!  OMG!!!! Anne-Marie Faiola from Bramble Berry! not once but twice! holey cow!!! omg omg what do I do, what do I say…. Hello!!!! omg I am such a fan……. OMG, OMG!!!

Can you imagine my reaction?! think Justin BEEBS in Australia the past few days, and teenage girls….. that is my reaction!!!!!!

Well enough said… I am composing myself…. Ok I think Im ok. BLLaahh!

 I know it’s been alittle while since my last post, sooo much has happened. The kids are back at school and I am back into soaping.  I had had a couple massive soaping sessions over the weekend and by Tuesday night I was worn out, I completely over did it, and am now paying for it, I am sick.  Just me no-one else in the family it’s so weird.  A friend of mine said I must be run down, I think she’s right I found myself being so very grouchy at everyone, I think this is my pay back.

Anyway most of the soaping was awful! (not throw aways, just rebatching misbehaving to much thinking about it soap), everything was going wrong, I even broke my stick blender! That was a sight to behold! if only there was a camera, I am sure my expression would have won a small fortune on funniest home video’s.  It was such a stupid thing to do, I decided to shake off the excess water. Low and behold the blender stick part wasn’t fully connected to the power part and so when I shook, the stick blender came apart and ricocheted doing 360′s for what seemed like forever, then smashed to pieces on the floor.  Yep I stood there with my mouth open for ages.

And so after that I sat down and thought this is ridiculous, I’m not giving up, I’ll use my food blender, I’m going to soap the way I know best, and I am not going to do it for me, I am going to do it for Charity, for Breast Cancer, for the Mc Grath Foundation.  I had been thinking about doing it for awhile, before I took on Simply Soap, so I had everything I needed right here, no need to order anything! I have filled out online paperwork and registered so that it’s all legit. It makes me feel so very good and so not grumpy. 

I want to make a difference (be it probably only very small, but every bit helps!)

So here she is, this is Pink.

When I took her out of the mold, I was bursting with pride, instant overwhelming gratification! Pink is perfect. Absolutely no crackling, gorgeous colour oh and the aroma is a purpose beautiful blend of  100% Pure Essential oils including Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange,White Grapefruit and Patchouli. She has beautiful pink Jojoba beads scattered throughout and a little glamor on top.


She will sell online in the Simply Soap Store for $6 a bar, and I will donate $3 from every bar sold :) Yep I’ll go you halves :)


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Cocoa Butter

Jul 12 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff

We use cocoa butter in our soap, mostly at 10%. Cocoa butter is a fatty wax with a buttery texture, it is found in the seeds of the cocoa bean.  Cocoa butter is very well known as an excellent skin conditioner and softener with antioxidant properties.  Although costly we find it a brilliant, luxourius additive to our soap, it also makes the bar harder which inturn helps it last longer, Bonus!



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Soap photos with a new attitude…

Jul 10 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff

I took some photo’s today after realising that the “Rustic Lavender” soap on my website had the wrong picture next to it.  My photo’s have been annoying the nonsense out of me, stopping me from blogging even.  I have been so entirely perplexed about it, that I was tempted to buy another camera because I thought for sure mine must be broken!

After much mind mumbling I decided to contact an expert, (you know who you are :) thank you) … and have another go.

I am so pleased I did, O if you could see my grin right now!

There is hope! Now for a stack!




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Jul 08 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff,Inspiration

I have a friend who I have known for more than 15 years now.  We met at work. And although the moments we share (mostly gift giving at Christmas time…. I get so excited!) have become few and far between because of life and all of our busyness, I know that we will always share a bond.   She is the most dedicated inspirational woman that I have ever met.  To me she is the definition of Inspiration, she beams with love, pride, devotion, passion, creativity, generosity, honesty, art, light and gorgeousness.

She is beautifulnest, you can visit her here . I am positive you will discover the same.

This was posted on her blog not so long ago and it speaks volumes, I love it.

She is my friend, you know who you are :) X

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Little lambie update

Jul 07 2012 Published by under Kangaroo Flat Lavender Farm

Awh some of our little lambs are more than a week old now, we have had more born today and more on the way tonight, it’s hard work even watching, O those poor sheep! The lambs are the happiest little creatures in the world!  

They have become such great buddies, it is very heart warming!

Even the cows find them interesting!

Lovely lavender bushes our oldest ones, I love our farm xxx.

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Soap photo practise…

Jul 05 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff

Its a gorgeous day, the sun coming through the window seems like perfect lighting for taking photo’s, so I decided to practise a little

hmm love the colours, but not the focus so much.

I need loads of practise!  Again with the size! AND will you focus… please?!?!

This ones a tinie bit better, both Lemon Myrtle soaps- they smell divine!



And from the wall, (the toilet wall actually lol!) this is what my children seen everytime they pee :) Nothing beats a positive affirmation!

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