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Funnel swirl and soap curl fun

Oct 20 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff

I love working with smaller batches of soap, I find I have more control over the final look.  On the left is a 2 colour funnel swirl, and on the right is a 3 colour funnel swirl…. I think I might try more colours next time or reduce the pour time for a bit more detail.

This is So Summery freshly cut, without being trimmed up yet.

I love the colours blue, green, and cream I also added some grated castile soap for a little texture without srubby action.  So summery is an essential oil soap, it has oils of lime, sweet orange, peppermint and a touch of lavender, simply stunning.

French raspberry rose is an edible fragrance, serioulsy mouth watering I LOve it! I decided to combine two of my favourit soaps french raspberry bubbles and raspberry rose, this is what I came up with.

Its a delish soap, french red clay in the pink bits and organic rose buds crushed and scattered on top with the curls, Love it!!

Have a lovely weekend :)


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Italian lavenders bloom

Oct 08 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff

Schools back… day 2, yesterday when we left for the morning school bus I noticed how beautiful our Italian lavenders looked in the soft morning light, slightly different time of the day to be up and around especially with just having school holidays lol but also I say through gritted teeth with the help of daylight savings which began on Sunday.  Today I took the camera with me.

This particular variety is quite a common garden variety “Avonview” We have some 500 in this section.

We planted these at the front enterance to the farm I wanted a big patch of purple flowers that flowered for longer periods than our other varieties.  I was really worried about them actually because at the last prune I cut them back to basically nothing… (Edward Scissorhands eat you heart out…) but they have come back beautiffully.

The rest of our Lavenders are just waking up from their winter slumber, so it is nice to see these guys perfoming :)

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M.I.A but not ..

Oct 03 2012 Published by under daily soap stuff

Hi there, I’m back, well sort of.., anyway…  It’s School holidays here at the moment, we have been so flat out that I have had absolutely no computer time, just a quick check of emails here and there based on importance…Im having withdrawal symptoms but with the kids home everything else takes a back seat. Gosh I have so much to catch up on and do!

New to store in the next couple of weeks are some castile soaps that I made a wee while ago, I love olive oil soap and they are perfectly mild for sensitive skin, here are a few, more pics as the weeks roll on.  One for the boys, Salty Sailor Olive Oil.

Pure and natural gorgeous Plain Olive oil soap

And my favourite ist newest soap is Almond milk, with sweet almond oil and ground almonds! yum!!

A couple of days ago me and my family were so very lucky enough to be invited to have lunch and spend the afternoon at paling yards olive grove, the only place simply soap buys olive oil.  Stay tuned for more information!

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