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Snow Candy lerve

Feb 22 2013 Published by under daily soap stuff

snow candy lerve

I love making snow candy, she is so colourful and pretty!

snow on the chopping board

My Favourite men’s soap is fun too! Rub a Dub… Love the blue.

Rub a dub dub!

Outrageous Orange, same soap new look.

New look outrageous orange

same colour curls are fab!


Hello lovely Myrtle!

Hello Myrtle

Love same colour curls!

hello mryt

More to come…


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Behold the best scrubby soap ever!…

Feb 16 2013 Published by under daily soap stuff

Apricot Scrub.  Those two words attract my attention instantly, I love a good scrub lol &  I’ve never been disappointed with an apricot one.

Apricot Scrub

Be prepared to be blown away! With lashings of ground walnut shell & a generous serving of apricot kernel oil you wont be disappointed either.

Apricot Scrub

Weak at the knee’s?… This bar is flavoured with Lavender and Patchouli, smokey oriental undertones, “puurrrl…spit,…lllll!…” lol! This next bar of soap is as lovely, smooth and refreshing as it sounds.  Coconut Lime Sorbet.  Totally delicious.

Coconut Lime Sorbet

Coconut milk, uplifting lime, tropical coconut & a touch of Lavender to leave you feeling as relaxed as being at the beach, who could argue with that? Bring it on I say.  Our time spent as a family at the beach this last Christmas holidays was just perfect, I don’t mind reminiscing at all.

Coconut Lime Sorbet

Rustic Lavender always a winner, a bit scrubby loads of Lavender oil, this time in my soap making I decided not to put the whole lavender buds on top of the bar because, as much as I love the look before cutting I always seem disappointed afterwards.

Rustic Lavender

Inevitably during cutting the lovely lavender buds get caught in the cutter and drag downwards leaving hideous marks on the face of the bars.  As you can see, even the ground buds that are added to the batter prior to pouring still leave some marks at cutting.

Rustic Lavender

Simple rustic marks that I love and can definitely deal with.  Don’t worry I still plan to add the buds…  at packaging.  A little sprinkle on top :) Would love to know what you think… do you prefer the buds on top?? I do in the mould but not at cutting….

next on the menu… some colour.

soap offcuts

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Good morning… Happy Valentines day!

Feb 13 2013 Published by under daily soap stuff

Hi Guys, time to update you with some lovely soap pictures, I had a gentle reminder this morning that I haven’t been here for a while.  Some reminders actually… and they helped me realise that people do pop by and read this blog! A Little inspiration goes along way :) THANKYOU!

So lets see some soap that has made it out of the mould since Miss Zombi Chick..

Lavender and Goats milk, an absolute all time favourite.  I always save some for my bathroom, it’s like a staple! Smells divine and so good for your skin, goats milk love!! and Lavender love…. our own Lavender oil goes into our soap, we have litres and litres of the stuff, so rest assured you will know that you have washed with a true lavender soap bar!

Patchouli Rose, 3 words…… Yum, Yum, Yum! Love everything about this bar, the look- simple but very affective.  The aroma- not very simple… actually quite complex but the end result is so worth it! Patchouli essential oil is a very strong smell and can easily overpower other smells, I think I got the balance here perfect.  Rose with a hint of berry to compliment Patchouli.

Love this photo, it seems romantic to me, and a little rustic too lol!  Nothing here is perfect and that’s why I think I love it so much.  Perfection is overrated, I think there is beauty in everything.  Perfection does not equate to happiness, being a tiny bit rough around the edges and accepting that, does wonders to the sole. I think I just made up a quote!!!! so serious! lolol!!

Above is a sneak preview…. yes a new post to come.  Stay tuned and thank you so much for being here!!

Kel x

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