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Mar 29 2013 Published by under daily soap stuff

This is my favourite name, thank you Manuela please send me an email via my website for delivery details, I am sure your friend in Perth will love it x I will get a pic up as soon as my camera becomes unbroken :( sadly I think I need a new one :) AquariusThis version of my label looks alittle squished but only because I did the squishing to fit in my blog :)

Ok why Aquarius…. I am an Aquarian, this soap is all about me, everything about it.  Can go deep but won’t. I new as soon as I read the comment, from my international friend. LOve it! Very Happy I Asked xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Not sure… Name that soap.

Mar 03 2013 Published by under daily soap stuff

When I set out to make this soap I was having an internal struggle, should I colour or should I leave it natural.  I’m still not that sure, the oils in this soap are so good for you, Avocado, lime, & lavender with added sea-clay.  I am still struggling as I write this post. See the thing is, I like the colours, they are skin safe, and not bad for your skin.  I love colour.  But something inside me wants a natural bar of goodness,…. Natural looking, I’m like yearning for it. (By the way it smells DIVINE!!) So I have started to think about a new line to add to my list… Natural Bars and automatically I am feeling alittle better, slightly more at ease…. tomorrow I will make the first small batch, well that’s the plan anyway. Here are the pic’s that I took for the not sure soap. I don’t know what to call it, because I think Avocado Lime and sea-clay should be a Natural Bar.  Can you help?  I will send a bar to the most fitting name of my choosing so long as you live in Australia.  International post terrifies me. I have know idea how much a bar would cost to send oversea’s. Yikes!!

What's my name...

After cutting…

What's my name

And now posing… smile :)

what's my name?...

LOve the colours but…. so wished I went natuural.

lim lav sc

Any idea what my name should be?




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