Grumpy goats milk soap

by simplysoap

I’ve been mucking about with different goats milk soap recipes, and really haven’t found one that l’m happy with. Goats milk makes me so grumpy!

I’ve made lovely goats milk soaps in the past, but the results aren’t consistent enough to rely on, and l want a recipe that is reliable and bulletproof. Maybe l am asking way too much? I’ve done the whole ‘drip feed the caustic into frozen milk pour into refrigerated trays and stick it in the freezer’ thing and not letting the soap gel, (heat up) and this has mostly worked in the past. But the last batch was weepy and lumpy (not a good look) so l threw it in the bin.

The crinkle cut soap above is a goats milk rebatch, l grated down 1kg of fresh soap (made with 100% goats milk, no water) and cooked it to bits in the crockpot with some added goats milk. Apart from the not-so-smooth appearance, l really don’t mind this, and it has to be said that in terms of being easy and low maintenance, that hot process might be the way to go. Maybe if l just plan to HP it right from the start…?

The bar behind it is cold process goats milk…when l got to making this one l decided to see what would happen if l didn’t bother with milk temperatures at all. l used goats milk straight out of the fridge, and made up a mix of half milk, half cold water. I poured the caustic into it in 3-4 batches, stirring lots between additions. Of course it went a dark caramelly colour, l think all the milk proteins get burnt (?) I then soaped, with cold melted oils, coloured with some soap whitener. Although l had added the whitener, l was still hoping to get a caramel coloured bar – l was going for a full gel here, and was sure it would be heaps darker than a non gelled/non burnt recipe.

Well, blow me down, but it fully gelled & came out white, l was almost disappointed. Because l can sure as hell guarantee that if l had wanted it to be white, (and if l decided to make future batches this way) that it wouldn’t have worked LOL.

In the corner of my office today, there’s yet another batch of goats milk soap doing it’s thing. It’s made fully with goats milk (no water), but no soap whitener. I’m trying the ‘reckless goats milk soap’ method where it is allowed to gel as much as it likes, and get as hot as it damn well wants. See how the middle of it is darker and almost translucent? (it’s cooled down around the edges and l missed getting a photo when it was really gelling hard, but you get the general idea.)

I’ll keep you posted LOL. Fingers crossed l get my caramel colour :-) How much do you want to bet it’ll come out white? LOL!

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  1. Sharron Arnold says:

    Loving your blog and beautiful photos. I find your pics. very inspiring.
    BTW I have a very successful goatsmilk recipe I am happy to share with you. It is a frozen milk recipe, and comes out light caramel coloured.
    Best wishes, Sharron

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