I’m not sure…what do you think?

by simplysoap

Here’s the sliced goats milk soap. No whitener, full strength goats milk, full gel, no mollycoddling at all. I think l like it…but part of me is mourning the all white look. Gee it was nice though not having to worry about partial gelling or overheating, or the titanium dioxide (whitener) crackling. They are just nice, uniform, solid bars, with a lovely milky smell.

I’m going to pop them on the curing rack and have a think about it for the next 4 weeks. Lucky l only made a small batch because my goats milk soap collection is growing daily LOL.

The other soap from yesterday – my old favourite, Lavender Swirl.

2 Responses to “I’m not sure…what do you think?”

  1. I think they are great, isnt that a better selling point not having the TD in it. They are so much more natural. Beautiful work. xo

  2. I actually think they look better without the “whiteness” . Sometimes I think that the whiteness can make it look more artificial iykwim. But that’s just my five cents worth. I find when I am making products using goats milk powder the gp can be so inconsistent, it drives me nuts.

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