Covergirl! (or should that be Coversoap!?)

by simplysoap

A Simply Soap photo made the front cover of Etzcetera magazine. l am so stoked! Never ever would l have dreamed that a photo that l took would end up on the front cover of *anything*!

The article is lovely. Etzcetera’s editor Kim has taken my words and turned them into something a bit more readable, and l love the way she’s designed the pages and selected photographs. If you’d like your own PDF copy of the magazine or to read it online, you can buy it here for only $4.50. It’s a beautiful magazine, and over 100 pages this issue.

5 Responses to “Covergirl! (or should that be Coversoap!?)”

  1. Congratulations!! It looks beautiful!!

  2. Congratulations! Wow!! xo jen

  3. Oh how exciting for you, your soap looks amazing on the cover. Congrats :)

  4. Congratulations! You deserve it…you make such beautiful soap.

  5. Stunning photo, delicious looking soap. Congrats Gabbie!

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