Soap Packaging Dilemma

by simplysoap

Please help!

I’m torn between my soap packaging options and would love some opinions. It doesn’t help that l can’t decide a thing at the moment, it must have something to do with moving house twice in the last couple of months and not having places for all my ‘stuff’ yet. l’m feeling a little homesick and out of place. Or maybe l’m just indecisive!

What l’ve been doing currently with my soap orders is wrapping each labelled bar haphazardly in white tissue, stacking them together and wrapping it all in bubblewrap. Then using a thin plastic Australia Post satchel for postage, which is very convenient because they can be popped in the nearest letterbox instead of me needing to take a trip to the post office. Using satchels does mean though that the soaps need to be well wrapped for their own protection. For bigger orders l will be using cardboard boxes with the soaps stacked neatly inside.

But it just looks a bit ‘meh’…there’s nothing pretty or special about it. Blah.

So l’ve been playing with these three options:

  1. wrapping the bar in tissue more carefully (like a gift) and putting the label on the outside, which holds it all together and looks more presentable. I like this idea because it’s neater, more polished, and the soap is still protected for postage. It will also help preserve the scent, and the soap won’t sweat while wrapped in tissue. However l’m sad that you can’t see the soap immediately when you open your parcel. I really want it all, don’t l?
  2. My second option looks lovely but it’s my least favourite in terms of practicality – the labelled soap bar inside a cello bag, and tied with white raffia. I love the look, but the effort involved in getting it inside the bag without smearing it…scrunching the tops neatly…cutting the raffia…then tying it prettily…it’s more than l think l can bear especially since there’s about 500 bars of soap here. And when it is parcelled up the cello tops have to be bent down anyway…but still…it is an option.
  3. Lastly, is the naked soap inserted in a cello bag, but with the top of the bag folded down and taped instead of being scrunched and tied. The paper label is then wrapped around the outside, holding it all together. I do like this, a lot. It bothers me slightly that the cello isn’t as much protection as tissue paper. It’s also not recyclable or as eco friendly. But you can see the soap!

What do you think?

18 Responses to “Soap Packaging Dilemma”

  1. I like the first option, provided you don’t plan on venturing to the farmers markets or christmas craft shows. If its to protect them while shipping, then its a nice option.

    The 2nd, I can tell you now, the soap will shift and muck up the inside of the bag that will make it look ick.

    The 3rd, I LOVE because you can see the soap, its wrapped tightly (no icking) and your contact information is all there.

    I’ve seen other soapers wrap the soap in a wax like paper, some get their logos printed on the paper, and then cigar band it.

    For me thats really labor intensive, I go through about 6000 bars a year, so I need fast packaging, durable (to be lugged from show to show) and easy to do. I don’t even like wrapping christmas presents. Mind you, the boxing and labelling are usually handled by the slave labor in the house. LOL!

  2. I’m in favour of the tissue paper – It’s protective, still looks lovely with the cigar band, you could smell the scent as soon as you open the parcel,and it’s like a surprise waiting to be opened to reveal the gorgeous soap inside…and tissue is biodegradeable…

  3. I Love the 3rd one! You get to see how beautiful the soap is! I think the raffia on the top of the second ones takes your attention off how lovely your soap is!!

  4. I like the 1st and 3rd option. If your not planning on going to markets to sell, then I would go the tissue paper option, who doesn’t like to open presents? If your doing it for markets then probably the 3rd option is best, or even a mix of the two!

  5. If you are sending stuff I like the first option for a number of reasons, it looks cute and the fact you can’t see the soap is even better. Because I would smell the soap in the packaging first and then I would get excited as it would be like opening a treasure.

    I like the third option to from a visual perspective. Why not do one and three.

    The second option sounded like to much hard work for you.

  6. If it’s for postage I would go for number 1. Nice surprise when you open it up and will travel better in the mail.

  7. For me…..

    Agree with Pene, if your posting..beautiful..

    If your taking to markets etc..invest in a shrink wrapper…

    That way you can shrink wrap it as tight and have everything on the inside…and it’s all protected…

    We love our shrink wrapper..hee hee..

  8. I would go the first option. It wouldn’t bother me if I can’t see it, because I can see/saw the photo when I bought it, and it’s like opening a gift. And if I’m giving it to someone, then it’s also like a gift. :)
    I love your soaps. :)

  9. Oh I feel your pain! I am currently going through the same thing myself. I offer my soaps wrapped in a cello bag with raffia tie, which is lovely as it looks so ‘gifty’ but yes labour intensive. I offer the tissue paper option online to customers who want to be more eco friendly. BUT I’ve got some shrink wrap bags on the way and I intend to change over to that (still offering the tissue paper option online though) … I think it will be a better fit across retail stores, markets and online alike. So, I vote for the shrink wrap option!

    • simplysoap says:

      l’m glad it’s not just me Erin, it really is a tough decision. Your comment had me immediately rushing off to ebay in search of a shrink wrapper! l’m very tempted ;-)
      For now l’m going to stick with my tissue paper, partly because l bought 500 sheets of the stuff and need to use it all LOL.

  10. I would go for the 1st option. I really like the clean look of it and its simplicity. It creates a “deli” feeling and it is even better that you have to reveal the wrapping to see the inside. More magic that way. It is more eco friendly and protects the soap- less fiddly too! You could even make it easier on yourself and print your label on plain label sheets and use that to hold it together. You wouldnt have to fiddle with placing the band around it.?

    For markets I would easily do the same you can have them all naked and wrap a few as you go to have them on hand…

  11. Christina B* says:

    I too love the simplicity of the Tissue paper option. Like Hajni says, if you are selling at market, a few bars unwrapped for visual and scent would be great.

  12. First option I agree with, though make sure your paper doesn’t come from old growth forests so check with your supplier on that. Third option (shrinkwrapped) for markets and for hygiene reasons as well. Mia ~

  13. i’m struggling how to create a cigar band template. Yours are so professional. do u run your bands from your computer

  14. I think the third one by a long way, it gives some protection and lets the soap speak for itself. Your label looks really great. Did you make and print the label yourself? It is great that you have the different soap type on each label, but does this make it hard for you? By the way, your soaps look magnifique!

  15. I think your tissue option is beautiful for mail-outs, because it’s so lovely to open up a surprise package and I like the whole eco option. I’d only do cello {number 3} at markets as a visual aid.

  16. I just started with my own soap business. I too have pondered how to wrap. Some bars I have shrink wrapped. However, I sell at art & craft festivals and people like to smell the product. Unwrapped soap gets all fingermarked and isn’t the most sanitary. I have come up with a compromise. I wrap the soap with a 3 inch cardstock, leaving the ends open. I have not yet had any mail orders. Thanks for sharing. Lovely blog. Karen

  17. I too am having issues with pkg. Check out my blog and you will see a simple pkgd soap that won a prize. Too time consuming for large quantities but voted best of show 2011 at a large soaping conference.

    My newest pkg is pretty and I’ll be sharing it in mid May.

    Your cellophane wrapper is the best looking of these three. If you take a piece of wax paper say 8 inches wide fold it in half (use it over and over again) set your bar of soap in it like a hot dog. The slide the whole thing into the cello bag and tie. I ship some soaps without the tie and leave the wax paper sticking out the top with a tie for some customers. Others I just do the bag and the tie and hope that there aren’t too many soap trails in the bag as it arrives at it’s destination.



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