Soap Heroes

by simplysoap

Okay, it’s time for some FUN around here. Just quickly though, THANKYOU so much to everyone who has emailed or left comments re: the last couple of ‘difficult’ posts. (I’ve turned some of them off, just sick of looking at them really.) I was absolutely amazed & humbled at the many kind and supportive comments and emails, they were so unexpected.

Thank You.

So in the spirit of loving soap and pretty photos and sharing some link love, l’ve compiled a list of my all time soap heroes. These are the soaps and websites that inspire me on a daily basis, the places that l go to admire what’s new and lose myself in someone else’s creativity. l hope you enjoy!

DeShawn Marie handmade soap

Oh my lordy me l LOVE DeShawn Marie’s soaps. I still haven’t gotten around to buying any of these, l think she is in the USA somewhere and sells on Etsy. I ADORE the colours…photographs…and the bits and pieces that she adds to each bar. Her product descriptions are wonderful, she mentions something in each listing about ‘ingredients that are good enough to eat’, and goddamn, l sit here and drool at the screen and l DO want to eat them LOL. I’m not 100% sure but l think many of these soaps are a melt and pour base which explains why many of the designs & colours would be kind of hard to reproduce in cold process soap. Regardless, DeShawn Marie is my number one inspiration in soap-land.

Inner Earth Soaps

Hahaha you had to know this one was coming…l LOVE sneaking a look at what’s new at Inner Earth Soap. I just today received a beautiful big box of gorgeously wrapped soaps in the mail, my valentine’s present to myself. And they are stunning. I’m going to challenge myself to take some photos of them tomorrow, just to see if my photography has improved from reading the first module in my photography course. (hmmm…probably not!) Anyway, back to the soap…l’m always inspired by Erin’s use of colours…and her soap names are lovely too. See that Lemon Slices soap above? Does it not sound positively edible?! And l have a bar of Raspberry Truffle sitting here in front of me…it looks so much like a big piece of chocolate fudge that it’s all l can do to not take a huge bite out of it LOL.

I love watching Erin’s business grow, and l hope one day l have enough courage to do something similar :-)

Haus of Gloi

I stumbled across Gloi soaps on Etsy a long time ago and was drawn in by the mysterious soap names (Apothecary…Imp…Pixie Sorceror!) as well as the complex scent combinations and beautiful descriptions. And the soaps themselves – this is one very talented and accomplished soapmaker who has a wonderful grasp on colour and design and also happens to take breathtaking photos. Pure eye candy and another soapmaker to add to my ‘l really must try these one day’ list.

Lynnz Artisan Soaps & Candles

Lynnz soaps are so inspiring! They are big, bold, modern chunks of yumminess, decorated with bright colours, soap curls, chunks or hand rolled soap balls. l love the stamps added at the end, and also love reading about Lynnz latest soap batches, her enthusiasm is addictive and after looking at photos of her soap logs l am always immediately inspired to go and make soap too. Lynn makes the best sculpted soap ever. (Lynn l think you could teach me a thing or two about swirling!) Love, love, love.

Cocobong Soaps

After reading a few of Julia’s soap reviews, l am now utterly and completely addicted to Cocobong Soaps and constantly hanging for the next review. I’ve never heard anyone describe soap in such glowing terms and with such attention to detail. It’s not just the appearance of the soap she considers and whether it bubbles well, but she also explores the quality of the lather…muses about the oils that may have made up each soap…the scent combinations…how a bar feels in the hand…and so much more. The rankings she gives out – l read them and constantly wonder how my soap would stand up if subjected to a Cocobong review. A couple of times l’ve almost gotten up enough courage to post some, but l always chicken out at the last minute and think to myself that one day…one day l will make a soap worthy of submitting. For now my perfectionistic tendencies hold me back. Maybe 2012 is the year!

Tierra Verde Handmade Soaps

Read that description above…it is all l can do to not steal it and use it for Simply Soap, it explains EXACTLY why l love handmade soap and love making it and selling it. Love this website (yes, truly Michele, but you already knew that!)  and just love the warm, natural earthiness of Tierra Verde soaps. The packaging is pretty much to die for as well :-)


Finally, Blaull. I cannot understand a word of this website (LOL!) but l love the gorgeous photography, the clean and crisp website layout, and the very simple but honest blocks of soap. Soap doesn’t get any simpler than this, but still, it is so very elegant, don’t you think? One of these days l am going to investigate whether they ship to Australia. I really hope they do :-)

There are heaps more soap sites that inspire me, but in the interests of finishing this post in 2012 instead of 2013, l am hitting the ‘publish’ button *g*. Hope you enjoy :-)

5 Responses to “Soap Heroes”

  1. All really great soap heroes!

  2. Uhm wow,to be mentioned among several of my “Soap Heroes” is quite interesting for me.I’m a bit humbled and very honored. Thank you!

    Blaull soaps are amazingly beautiful-if you ever break down and order please share your review so I can live vicariously.

    I have had the pleasure of experiencing a few Inner Earth Soaps first hand and they are every bit as amazing as they look.Enjoy!

    I think “suitcase soaping” is totally agreeing with Cocobong-her soap is more beautiful than ever.

    Thanks again for the mention!

  3. Diana Bohnert says:

    A very beautiful bunch of soapers. I love the natural earthy look to their soaps, one that I am also achieving. Good luck with the photography course. I sure you will be wonderful. You just have to speak their language. Have a grat day

  4. Oh Gabbie, I’m very honoured to be amongst these talented soapers! They are all fabulous inspiration. A special mention to Michele, not only is her soap amazing but she’s a gorgeous person as well!

  5. Oh my Gabbie I am very something LOL not sure what to say as I so adore your soaps and your writing and you beautiful photographs……….Your a talent to be reckoned with and I am really honoured to be mentioned amongst such brilliant soapers. I thank-you and please know that you too inspire me with your beautiful soaps :0)…………Lyn

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