Name That Soap…

by simplysoap

(competition now closed)

This is the latest addition to the Simply Soap range – along the lines of May Chang and the old Citrus Twist, it is a really lovely citrussy/orange scented essential oil soap. Except it is really STRONG, it’s almost Super Citrus, and it deserves a special name, something a bit punchier than Citrus Twist. Maybe Citrus Twist Your Arm Off? ;-)

If you like a soap that will not just wake you up in the morning but actually smack you in the head, turn off your alarm for you and even make the bed, this is it (just kidding LOL!)

I quite like the name ‘Super Citrus’, but l’m not 100% sure. I’ll send a bar of Super Mega Orange Citrus Explosion soap to whoever thinks of the most fitting name for it. I’m open to humour. I’m open to any of the names being incorporated from this post. Just hit me with your favourites :-)

competition closes next Sunday 18th March 2012 at midnight AEST and is open to anyone!

edited to add: We have a winner!

There were some wonderful entries (thankyou so much to everyone who entered!)
l am sorely tempted to make 15 more different types of citrus soap just so l can use them all, but…this one really stuck with me :-) (thankyou so much Felice, l’ll email you!)

36 Responses to “Name That Soap…”

  1. Citrus BLAST :D

  2. I saw this yesterday and but it wouldn’t let me comment. I think it should be called Sunrise

  3. Oops hadn’t finished. The colors remind me of a sunrise and by the sounds of the soap it will certainly make you rise lol

  4. I like Citrus Explosion that you kinda used in the post.

  5. Orange-a-tang? Pronounced like Orangutan…

    Orange/Citrus Bomb

    Orange/Citrus Burst

    Orange/Citrus Attack – sounds like one of those TV shows…When Oranges Attack :)

  6. Orange Marmalade would be a nice twist on an old favorite

  7. This soap reminds me of sweets. In the UK, there are sweets called Tutti Fruities, little rectangular bars of chew that have a very fruity taste with a bit of a tang to them and are similar in colour to this soap.

    There are also sweets called ‘refreshers’ which are similar colours, though that’s not the greatest name for this soap.

    Citrus Bliss, Citrus Burst ….

    It’s a fab soap though xx

  8. Well you said it would smack you in the head so what about Citris Smack.

  9. Beautiful soap…. and great colours!

    Citrus Zinger
    Morning Zinger
    Morning Molotov (hehe)
    Zesty Zinger

  10. Shout It Out Citrus!

  11. I’d call it “Citrus Sunrise” or “Citrus Temptation”.
    Best wishes,

  12. Michelle Somers says:

    Ultimate Citrus
    Citrus +
    Summer Sunset
    Tangy Citrus
    Summer Citrus
    Oh My Citrus
    Tropical Island Citrus
    Bora Bora

    May come back with more ideas.

  13. melissa comeau says:

    This is a little crazy…..have you ever heard of Super Citrus Bearded Dragons? They are amazing shades of bright yellows and oranges…hence the name. If it were mine I may call it Bearded Dragon with a back story lol! Whatever you decide it is lovely!

  14. Rina McDaniel says:

    I think that it should be called EXPLODING CITRUS!!! =)

  15. Citrus Blast!

  16. Bombay Sunset/Summer/Sunrise.
    Rising Sun.
    High Noon.
    Golden/Red Dragon.


  17. Orange You Awake
    Citrus Wake Up
    Squeezing Happiness
    Squeezing Citrus
    Rise & Shine
    Orange Gone Wild
    Roarin’ Orange

  18. How about something funny like….

    When A Citrus was Really A Citrus!

    Sorta a play on like “When a Man was a Man!”

  19. Va Va BOOM!

  20. Here are some ideas:
    Orange Storm
    Orange Onslaught
    Citrus Cyclone
    Orange Outburst
    Outrageous Orange
    Orange Outrage
    Opulently Orange
    Offensively Orange
    MegaJumbo Orange!
    Orange Oomph
    Oodles of Orange
    Orgy of Orange

    Just started making soap last summer and am totally addicted – thanks for all the inspiration on your site!

  21. Kristen Williams says:

    Ooohhh! So pretty!
    How about…
    Juiced up
    Strong arm citrus
    Big citrus
    Supercallifragilisticexpiala-citrus (no clue how that is really spelled! Lol)
    Outspoken orange
    Citrus cyclone
    I’m not the best at naming, but gosh! I just had to try, it’s so lovely!

  22. Citrus POW!!!

    That’s about as inventive as I get, haha, but the name makes me think of those “POW” quote images in comic books when a villain’s just been punched by a superhero, LOL :D

  23. Twist and Shout

    good luck with the name looks like you have a lot to choose from.

  24. what do you think about un french name: “Citron Très Pressé”
    in french it can have two meanings.
    “citron pressé” means usually pressed lemon
    but “citron pressé” can mean hurried lemon, lemon which is late and have to overtake time (it’s an image….)like someone who is difficult to go out off his bed and begin his workday”
    “très” is very :very hurried lemon

  25. Champagne Citrus

  26. WOW! What beautiful colors. What about Fiery Citrus or Morning Sunrise?

  27. Citrus Tang (like the old orange flavoured powder drink)
    Orange Tang

  28. Citrus pop

  29. Toni Vuzem says:

    What about:

    Sunkissed OR
    Citrus Burst

  30. Orchard orgy!!

  31. Leanne Drage says:

    Citrus Blast
    Summer Citrus Sunrise (Jordans suggestion!)
    Juicy Lucy
    Summer Sensation
    Morning Sunrise
    Evening Sunset
    Sunset Supreme

  32. Leanne Drage says:

    Sun Kissed Citrus
    Sun Kissed Bliss
    Citrus Blitz (Jordi again!)

  33. Sort of getting in under the wire here, hmmmm two options come to mind

    Citrus Sirene

    or I used to have a soap called

    Orange You Happy?

  34. Lady Ga Ga orange…
    O.M.G. =)

  35. Great post! Thanks so much for sharing this.

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