Funnel swirl and soap curl fun

by simplysoap

I love working with smaller batches of soap, I find I have more control over the final look.  On the left is a 2 colour funnel swirl, and on the right is a 3 colour funnel swirl…. I think I might try more colours next time or reduce the pour time for a bit more detail.

This is So Summery freshly cut, without being trimmed up yet.

I love the colours blue, green, and cream I also added some grated castile soap for a little texture without srubby action.  So summery is an essential oil soap, it has oils of lime, sweet orange, peppermint and a touch of lavender, simply stunning.

French raspberry rose is an edible fragrance, serioulsy mouth watering I LOve it! I decided to combine two of my favourit soaps french raspberry bubbles and raspberry rose, this is what I came up with.

Its a delish soap, french red clay in the pink bits and organic rose buds crushed and scattered on top with the curls, Love it!!

Have a lovely weekend :)


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  1. Stunning soaps, Kelly! The funnel swirls look great and I love the soap curls. So Summerly is so bright and cheerful, and the French Raspberry Rose looks very sophisticated and pretty.

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