Slowly but surely soaping

by simplysoap

2013 is going to be a bright filled soapy year, I really am looking forward to it, looking forward to staying positive and healthy no matter what! hopefully my soap will reflect this.

I think Zombi Chick is a pretty good start! She puts a cheeky satisfying grin between my cheeks everytime I walk past the curing rack.

her curls.. up close and personal. LOve it! :)

Happy happy bright!

Citrus Lemon Scrub… uplifting and gorgeous!

Exfoliating beauty for a fresh new outlook on life.

So happy to be back soaping, slowly but surely.

5 Responses to “Slowly but surely soaping”

  1. Gorgeous soaps! I love the wild, bright colors in Zombie Chick, and the Citrus Lemon Scrub looks so classic and beautiful. Looking forward to more of your soaps in the coming year!

  2. Love those gorgeous colors in the first soap, they are so bright and happy! =)

  3. Carol Kennedy says:

    I know you are so super busy but I wish you posted more on your blog. I used to check daily, then weekly and now every few weeks. I just really look forward to your photos and updates. It is fun, fun, fun lol! XO Carol

  4. Thanks for the inspiration guys, It’s been awhile, I didnt even realise there were comments on this post, Carol I Will post more often- just for you! you made me smile this morning. Thank you!!

    • Carol Kennedy says:

      It is the colors and the shots. They are so creative and artistic. I live in a high rise in the city and to sneak a peek into your colorful, creative (and I imagine highly scented) world is super fun! XO Carol

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