Not sure… Name that soap.

by simplysoap

When I set out to make this soap I was having an internal struggle, should I colour or should I leave it natural.  I’m still not that sure, the oils in this soap are so good for you, Avocado, lime, & lavender with added sea-clay.  I am still struggling as I write this post. See the thing is, I like the colours, they are skin safe, and not bad for your skin.  I love colour.  But something inside me wants a natural bar of goodness,…. Natural looking, I’m like yearning for it. (By the way it smells DIVINE!!) So I have started to think about a new line to add to my list… Natural Bars and automatically I am feeling alittle better, slightly more at ease…. tomorrow I will make the first small batch, well that’s the plan anyway. Here are the pic’s that I took for the not sure soap. I don’t know what to call it, because I think Avocado Lime and sea-clay should be a Natural Bar.  Can you help?  I will send a bar to the most fitting name of my choosing so long as you live in Australia.  International post terrifies me. I have know idea how much a bar would cost to send oversea’s. Yikes!!

What's my name...

After cutting…

What's my name

And now posing… smile :)

what's my name?...

LOve the colours but…. so wished I went natuural.

lim lav sc

Any idea what my name should be?




11 Responses to “Not sure… Name that soap.”

  1. Wow, amazing colours, and as always, GORGEOUS photos! (you will be following me on my photography course l reckon LOL)

    I’m going for Oceanic (am re-watching LOST episodes, and the ocean came to me straight away when l saw your pics) OR Thunder :-)

  2. Ocean Devine :-)

  3. I love the fresh, clean looking colours. I thought of the ocean as well. Maybe Sea Spa or Ocean Spa.

  4. Thanks Gabbie :) would love to do a photography class, Michael even suggested it, just not sure where on earth I’d fit it in.

    Love the names. Enjoy your Lost ep’s

  5. Oceanie Surprise/Mystery

  6. Blue magic! It looks awesome Kel, bet it smells divine

  7. Ocean Waves! It reminded me immediately on the waves of an ocean.

  8. What a wonderful soap, i`m in love! ;o) Waterfall or Tahitian Waterfall (exists as a fragrance oil)…! But I`m from germany…. ;o(

  9. So many replies already!!! Thanks guys!!!

    So far the word “spa” from Ellena’s comment has me most appeased. The soap is coloured purple and green for the lime and lavender, with the sea clay added and a touch of white, it does look blueish on screen tho, so I totally get the water reference… hmmm what else can we come up with???

    Love all your comments!

    ps- you can comment more than once, promise you wont get busted! LOL!!

  10. the first word that came to my mind, was AQUARIUS. The colours are stunning!I live in Germany, but a very good friend of mine lives in Perth, and I’m dead sure she’d be a very happy girl to receive a piece of such a gorgeous soap.


  11. Simply Divine

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