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I am so, so SO happy today, l’m having the best day ever. I’m not doing anything special, just pottering around in the kitchen making lotion bars, taking soap photos, planning a batch to use up my soap scraps, adding things to the website and just relaxing. But it struck me that l am doing all of the things l love. My love for soap is back with a vengeance. I’m so glad l picked the path l have for Simply Soap – the ‘keeping it simple and natural and small’ path. I may not earn $1,000,000 but money most definitely isn’t everything, and my heart is so happy and grateful today. Getting the photo above just made it even better LOL.

This one made me feel pretty good too :-)  The first time l tried to shoot photos of soap in the white bathroom, the results were not so good. But gosh l love these. I’m adding three new soaps to the store today, these are not really part of the ‘range’ that l had restricted myself to, but l made them back in 2011 before l decided to rein things in a little. They are just plain olive oil soap with no other oils, and there are quite a few people out there who really like them. John isn’t one of them – he complained about ‘that slimy purple soap’ in the shower when he used the test bar LOL. They’re not for everyone, but the 100% olive oil is so good for dry and irritated skin, and they are aimed at those people. There is plain, citrus and lavender, the latter two with essential oil.

I went for a run this morning and while faffing about at the back door trying to talk myself out of it, took some photos of our new lemon tree.

And l’ve realised that l really love taking photos of the simple things in life. I love getting up close to nature and noticing all the little details that we so often miss in our day to day rushing about. Sometimes there are the most amazing things going on, right under our noses. And if we rush about too much, we miss all of those beautiful things.

To me, nice soap with ‘real’ ingredients is also one of those things. It’s very simple, and often very plain. But that cliche – ‘the simple things in life are often the best’ – l am really starting to believe that it is true.

Hope you’re having a lovely day!

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on the curing rack…

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These are some Castille soaps l made about 2 weeks ago. They are 100% olive oil soap – normally l make them unscented & uncoloured (ie: the white one) but this time l decided to live dangerously and scented some with lavender essential oil and a blend of citrus essential oils. I’m going to let them cure for about 8 weeks before even testing them, because l’ve found it’s true that castille soap is much better the longer it ages. (even though patience is not one of my virtues LOL.)  These are already nice and hard but l tested some scraps the other day and they still have that ‘slimy’ feel that pure olive oil soap sometimes has. l’m hoping this will reduce with time.

The soap mix was poured into a length of PVC pipe that l bought from the local plumbing supplies shop. It was a pain in the rear end to get them out though – they ended up spending quite a bit of time in the freezer to harden the soap up before they slid out with some brute force. You can see one of the purple ones got freezer burn LOL.

These would make lovely baby soaps and are also perfect for people with really sensitive skin.


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