thoughts on Christmas…and some flower soaps

Nov 24 2011 Published by under daily soap stuff

Two of my Christmas soaps have sold out already. I’m disappointed now that l didn’t make more, but it’s too late now, and l really haven’t felt like making much soap of late. So instead of working myself into a lather (pun intended LOL) of what to offer customers for possible Christmas gifts, l have decided to do absolutely nothing about it. Yes, you read that correctly.

l think l am going to use the opportunity of a quieter Christmas to slow down a bit, and rethink some of the soaps l offer. l might even close the site for a couple of weeks. I really feel like l need to regroup and recharge, and the thought of having some time off to work on the website, make some soap in my own sweet time and just generally clean things up a bit is too good to resist. I have so many ideas swirling round in my head and so many things on my ‘to do’ list that won’t ever get done if l don’t take a bit of time out.

(I really feel like l need to justify this decision to myself LOL – it’s not exactly good marketing practice to go and have time off right in the middle of the busiest shopping season of the year, is it?)

I’m just tired, and a bit overwhelmed. And really unsure of where l want this little soap biz to go. (how do you decide such a thing anyway?)

Some thinking time could be a very good thing.

And some playtime with my new soap moulds would be fun ;-)

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