New soaps!

Dec 28 2011 Published by under new soaps

I’m so excited, l have made some new soap flavours. Just when we decided l had to have a standard ‘range’ of soap, l realised that part of what l love, love, love about soapmaking is trying new things, tweaking recipes, even soaping in different moulds. So sod it, l think l’m going to have to break my own rules before l even started following them.

Above is ‘Meditate’ soap. I had an essential oil blend here of Lavender, Lemon, Mandarin, Frankincence & Rosemary, and l added pink rose clay, crushed rose petals, calendula and lavender buds to the soap mix. And just happened to have a clean milk carton here, so revisited my very first soap batch that was poured into a milk carton :-)

I love these bars, they are so rustic and chunky and oddly shaped, and the colour is exactly what l had in mind.

Next up is this lovely green bar, l want to call her Hello Myrtle! – she contains yummy organic crushed lemon myrtle leaves, as well as a blend of Lemon Myrtle fragrance and Lime essential oil. I adore the colour, and the smell is delish!

I can’t wait to test her out…

I’ve had so much fun dreaming up these…and it does make me wonder…how on earth does one stick to a ‘regular’ product range? Do you think it’s something that should even be attempted? (both as a customer if you are reading this, and also as a soapmaker?) l get so much pleasure out of trying new fragrances and playing with new soap designs that it seems almost silly to try and shoehorn myself into a set ‘range’. And the minute that l decided that l should try and define a range for practical reasons, l almost felt a little bit sad. I’m sure it had something to do with me not wanting to make soap the past week or two. Maybe it turns into a chore instead of something pleasureable?

Maybe l need to make the soaps that sell and that people ask for…but also make sure that in every soapmaking session there are one or two soaps that are ‘just for fun’ – ones that l make for my own entertainment.

(maybe l’m just looking for an excuse to buy more fragrance oils hahahahaha!)

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cupcake soap photo shoot

Nov 12 2011 Published by under daily soap stuff,new soaps,soap photos


All in the name of inspiration of course!

I love wedding magazines, they always have gorgeous photography, beautiful fonts, lovely design, and of course l love looking at the different dresses, cakes, shoes & flowers etc.

I got out my camera and some of yesterday’s test cupcakes, arranged my veil as a backdrop, and had a little impromptu photo shoot in the back garden.

These piped cupcakes take my breath away. (I’m not quite sure how to say l love them without sounding full of myself, but l do love them a lot!)
There is no way l would ever sell these retail and entrust their delivery to Australia Post. Can you just imagine what you’d receive on the other end LOL?

I’m wondering whether they might work though as special order soap cupcakes for delivery in the Melbourne metro area. They’d also be good as regular food variety cupcakes too *LMAO*

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