new Honey & Oatmeal soap

Mar 16 2012 Published by under new soaps

One of the things l knew l was going to miss when giving up Fragrance Oils was my Honey & Oatmeal soap. It was so nice, and it’s such an everyday soap staple that l knew l was going to have to try and come up with something naturally smelling of honey & oatmeal to try and replace it. This is the first of the ‘experiments’. I’ve used goats milk, organic Australian honey, and ground oatmeal. Thinking about it now, l wish l’d added some cinnamon to it, because it smells exactly like a big bowl of oatmeal on a wintery morning. It’s not a strong smell at all, in fact on first sniff it smells quite plain. But while using it, if you lean down and take a sniff of the lather, there is a lovely, warm toasty smell of oats and sugar and milk. It smells wholesome and natural. And the goats milk makes it feel really lovely on the skin.

The new Honey & Oatmeal will be ready for sale in early April.

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