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I’ve decided to keep the soap cutter. Trying to make the decision has really tied me in knots. It was basically the 10kg of soap below that did it for me. Faced with the thought of cutting all of this by hand (and the resulting mistakes, rejects & wonky slices) l decided to give it one last try.

I started out with the soap below, which was fresh out of a washed milk carton. (l LOVE milk carton soap, if l could drink enough milk, l’d make all of my soaps in milk carton moulds!)

It sliced like a dream. Seriously. I think the freshness of the soap contributed to a much better result, because my test log when l first bought the soap cutter was about 5 days old before l cut it, and didn’t cut half as nicely. It was also a goats milk soap, l’m not sure if that may have contributed too, although one of the logs from this morning was also goats milk and l didn’t have any trouble cutting it. In fact everything l cut this morning was still warm and sliced beautifully. l wonder if the warmth helped… (?)

So yes, my soap slices are going to be slightly, slightly thinner. They’ll average out at 125g per bar instead of 130-150g (and there’s no consistency with those latter measurements it’s very hit and miss).

I’m not entirely happy with making smaller soap, because it reminds me of when you go to buy *anything* at the supermarket these days and the packets and jars seem to get smaller and thinner everytime you pick them up. It annoys me no end, it smacks of being sneaky and underhanded, and l really, really hate it. So for me to now make smaller soap for the same price, well, it sticks in my throat a bit.

But… (there’s always a ‘but’ isn’t there LOL)

  • It means less wastage because the bars are far more accurate, neatly and consistently cut. And because of that:
  • It means l don’t have to put my prices up, and l was starting to think l was going to have to increase them soon.
  • We cut and put away that 10kg of soap in no time, so it is obviously much more efficient.
  • And the novelty of having a new ‘toy’ has made me quite enthusiastic about making more soap, and really, that’s exactly what l need right now, a bit of enthusiasm LOL.

So l’m going to slightly adjust my labels, re-shoot some of the product photos and just get used to very slightly smaller bars. I hope all of my customers out there will forgive me. If not, l suppose l now have quite a LOT of soap to use for myself or give away for next years christmas presents *LMAO*

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