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l’ve made it sound like l haven’t made any soap at all recently, but that’s not exactly the case. l made this beautiful citrussy one above a few weeks ago. l think l may have already blogged a photo of it, but l love this shot that is intended for the shopping cart. I’m still love, love, loving taking photos of soap. Well, taking photos in general really, but of course soap is a captive subject unlike labradors and cats and children. It is much easier to control!

This pic is a new batch of chai tea soap that is currently curing. It has all just been stamped by my automatic soap stamping machine (LOL) – l bet you didn’t know there was such a thing. Some soapmakers have spiffy soap cutters, some have shrink wrappers and packaging systems…, then I stamp all of the soaps a bit like a robot, and is quite obsessive about it. Even l get told off now for stamping them crooked LOL. And never let it be said that one might slip through the ranks and into an order without it’s stamp on!

One of the things l have been working on for the site is a better ‘brand’. It has always bugged me that Simply Soap doesn’t have a ‘logo’ as such, just the words Simply Soap plonked in a website header. So l’ve been having a really good think about branding, and how l could incorporate the words and some sort of graphic into more of a logo; something that stands alone a bit more than just the words stuck on top of a heap of soap graphics. I want to keep things simple of course. And l wanted my logo to appear ‘natural’ with maybe a leaf or something in it, to signify the natural aspect of handmade soap. I also wanted it to look elegant, and also incorporate the current text somehow. The logo above (in the cupcake pic) is what l’ve come up with.

Here it is a bit more clearly:

What do you think?

I’ve been checking it every couple of days to make sure l still like it. If l go ahead with it, l will be updating all of the soap labels, and then also the website somehow. I’m still not sure. l can’t believe how hard it is to come up with a brand for my own business – l have no troubles dreaming up all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas for everyone else, but designing something for me has been almost impossible, l change my mind every 10 minutes. I guess it is tied in so much with my thoughts on handmade soap and why l make it in the first place, l want my logo to reflect all of those things. The purity of handmade soap, the art behind it, the natural aspect, the fact that it is a beautiful gift to buy yourself or someone else, the ingredients – all of those things. And now that l’ve written all of that down, there’s a tiny part of me that is a little bit excited, because you know what, l think finally l might have nailed it.

(???) LOL!

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