Sandalwood Beer handmade soap

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That's right, made with beer... Beer soap is crazy good for skin & hair! Full of amino & fatty acids which helps to fight acne, overly dry and overly oily skin, its super moisturising plus the lather & bubbles are out of this world.

Don't worry you wont smell like you've taken a dip at the the local brewery, the beer smell evaporates during the curing process. Also we've added a blend of coconut, lime and verbena fragrance oils plus sandalwood powder and a touch of ground apricot kernel for balanced buff & shine, reminiscent of that beach holidays!

Sandalwood is known for promoting a smooth skin complexion and reducing the appearance of skin imperfections, it is also a mood enhancer and can ease tension and help settle emotions - perfect for meditation and reducing anxiety. Definitely a keeper!

Ingredients; saponified olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, beer, fragrance oils, sandalwood powder, ground apricot kernels.


Approximate weight 140g 

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