Heat Packs & Eye Pillows

For uses in Hot or Cold Therapy

Lavender Heat Packs are the ultimate in comfort. From soothing sore muscles to warming the bed on a cold wintry night, they are always the perfect solution. 

Shield your eyes from the light with these soothing Lavender Eye Pillows, lay back and relax with the most perfectly weighted pillow, take some time for meditation, look after yourself or the one you love with a beautifully created eye pillow. 

Did you know that you can keep your heat packs & eye pillows in the freezer for cold therapy too? So versatile! The little (and big) ones love a cold pack to soothe bumps & tumbles plus they work wonders for tension headaches & migraines.

Handmade from 100% mid to heavy weight designer cottons & linens.

Filled with Australian grown lavender flowers & medium grains & organic flaxseed.