Lavender Linen Spray

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Lavender Linen Spray this spray is made from our 100% Pure Lavandin Grosso Hydrosol.

Fresh, sweet and floral with more herbaceous and camphorous notes than angustifolia this hydrosol is perfect for use on linen, as a room spray or for your car interior.

If a French summer sky at 4pm had a smell this would be it!

What is a Hydrosol?.. The word hydro means water, the word sol means solution.. Hydrosols are the condensate water coproduced during steam distillation of plant materials to achieve an essential oil.. in this case lavender- for aroma-therapeutic purposes.

Generally recommended for external use. Use it for everything & spray it everywhere the benefits are endless but best valued for its soothing & calming properties. Lavender promotes sleep, soothes tension & calms anxiety. 

A sweet happy aroma makes lavender a natural for children. Use it to cleans cuts and scrapes.. a lavender kiss really "makes it better". Use it to calm cranky moods and bring an end to tearful tantrums. add it to bathwater or spray it directly on the bed for a restful nights sleep.

Calming and cooling to the body, mind and spirit lavender makes a refreshing room  spray for the home, office or in the car to calm, cleanse and refresh.

The benefits of pure lavender hydrosol go on and on!