Waterproof Face Mask Hello Cheeky

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Hello Cheeky has a slight variation to our block coloured waterproof face masks.

The variation; the water resistant fabric is located in the middle layer and not the outer layer.

Our sleek waterproof masks are available in two new designs (differing slightly from our three block colours), they feature three layers, a nose wire plus they have adjustable smooth elastics making them fit from child* to adult.

**We tested just how waterproof these water resistant fabrics are and the results were impressive!

The how... by directly dropping water onto the  front of the mask.

The results... the immediate result was water beading and rolling off,... although some beads remained in place even after an hour and the inner layer remained dry! 

Our conclusion...We were impressed with how the water resistant fabric performed!


Outer layer; Cotton/Linen blend

Middle Layer; Water resistant 

Inner Layer; Water absorbing cotton

Ear loops; Smooth elastic 1-3mm

*fits from my husband to my eleven year old son and all of us in between simply by adjusting the fabric.

** test was only performed on the waterproof masks with the water resistant fabric on the outer layer.