Mystery Lucky Dip Eye Pillow

Mystery Lucky Dip Eye Pillow

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Mystery Lucky Dip

We have a selection of made Organic Eye Pillows in a range of beautiful designer fabrics, linen, mid weight cottons & light weight cottons ready to post, perfect for gifting plus gorgeous stocking fillers.

Eye Pillows are designed for both gentle pressure therapy & cold therapy, the vagus nerve is stimulated by placing the pillow over your eyelids sending calming messages down the back of neck, shoulders then to your chest & heart and stomach- giving your body permission to relax and let go.


Essential oils of Lavender


Lavender buds & flowers



Mid weight cotton linen


Therapy- Lay down in a comfortable position with low light, place the pillow over closed eyes resting over both eyelids. 

Cold Therapy- store protected in freezer until needed-us as above, wonderfully soothing.


Australian organic flaxseed

  • Follow these instructions
  • Always assess temperature before handling or giving to a child
  • Each heat pack is approximately 200g
  • Made with intentions of relaxation, love & peace